Sixty Doesn’t Scare Me

The Big Day is fast approaching!  This Sunday—six days from today—I will officially be a sixty-year-old woman!

How will I feel that morning when I first wake up and realize what day it is?  Will I feel depressed and want to cover my head and stay in bed?  Will I embrace this new stage of my life and jump out of bed ready to face the future?  I’m not completely sure, but I hope I choose the latter reaction.

As this milestone quickly approaches, the anticipation increases each day.  I truly believe that this next year will be full of new adventures to experience, new opportunities to embrace, new things to learn, and new memories to cherish.    I have a feeling this ride will be wild and crazy and a whole lot of fun!!  I just hope Darrel will be able to keep up with me!!

My desire is to embrace this new era with joy, enthusiasm, expectancy and child-like faith.  I am determined  to look sixty in the eye and say, “Bring it on!”

In my opinion,  my life is just beginning and God has some great things in store.  I refuse to be depressed or to feel “old.”  After all—“Age is just a number,” right?.


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