Turning Sixty Was a Breeze


The big day has come and gone.  And what a birthday it was!!  For three days, someone acknowledged and celebrated the date of my birth.  This made my 60th birthday one of the best birthdays I have ever had.

My first birthday surprise was a trip to Bardstown for a ride on the Kentucky Dinner Train which included a very elegant lunch.  Darrel secretly planned the whole trip and even fooled me into thinking we were spending the day at a pool tournament.  This was very special because it was something I have always wanted to do and it took so much effort and planning on his part.  I was completely surprised.  He has definitely earned the “Husband of the Year Award!”

Then on Sunday evening,  our son, Aaron, showed his mama how much he loved her by taking us to Red Lobster for dinner.  He paid for everything–even his dad’s meal!

Finally, on Monday morning, I walked into my office at school to students yelling “Happy Birthday, Mrs. Sites!’  They had decorated my office with a birthday balloon, streamers, and a birthday cake.  All these events certainly warmed my heart and caused me to feel so loved by so many people.

But the big question I am sure all of you are asking is, “What did I do when I first woke up on May 14, 2017, and realized the big day had finally come?”  Did I cover my head and stay in bed?  Or did I wake up with a smile and embrace the big 6-0?  The answer is–I smiled a huge smile, praised God for all the years I have already lived and thanked him for what was to come.  I was overcome with a sense of great JOY!   God blessed me with such an amazing sense of His presence and His promises that I had a permanent smile on my face the entire day.  I definitely embraced the big 6-0!

I truly did face this milestone in my life with a “bring-it-on” attitude and a deep sense that this is going to be an unbelievable year full of adventures, surprises, and lots of love. By the way, I promise–no more birthday posts–at least until next year!


Sixty Doesn’t Scare Me

The Big Day is fast approaching!  This Sunday—six days from today—I will officially be a sixty-year-old woman!

How will I feel that morning when I first wake up and realize what day it is?  Will I feel depressed and want to cover my head and stay in bed?  Will I embrace this new stage of my life and jump out of bed ready to face the future?  I’m not completely sure, but I hope I choose the latter reaction.

As this milestone quickly approaches, the anticipation increases each day.  I truly believe that this next year will be full of new adventures to experience, new opportunities to embrace, new things to learn, and new memories to cherish.    I have a feeling this ride will be wild and crazy and a whole lot of fun!!  I just hope Darrel will be able to keep up with me!!

My desire is to embrace this new era with joy, enthusiasm, expectancy and child-like faith.  I am determined  to look sixty in the eye and say, “Bring it on!”

In my opinion,  my life is just beginning and God has some great things in store.  I refuse to be depressed or to feel “old.”  After all—“Age is just a number,” right?.